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Zee Fashionista: Perpetuation of emaciation


Perpetuation of emaciation

Recently, the whole debate about the fashion industry perpetuating the ideal of thin women, has come to the fore. Now, there can be no denying that models are incredibly skinny and serious pressure is put on them to remain that way. Kate Moss has long been accused of starting the 'cocaine chic' trend - that is, a woman maintaining an emaciated frame as though she is using cocaine. Numerous models have been suspected of having anorexia and no one can forget the story of Luisel Ramos, a Uruguyan model, who died of an anorexia-related heart attack.

Stories such as this have caused action in the fashion industry to combat anorexia. Particularly, the Italian fashion brand, Nolita, ran the ad campaign 'No Anorexia' featuring Isabelle Caro, a 23-year-old anorexic, to raise awareness about the severity of anorexia. For me, the important question is, how are we reacting to these images of emaciated women? Are we outraged, or do we continue to buy diet pill after diet pill, to attain the skinny ideal? Do we not buy these fashion magazines and look down upon those who we deem to be overweight? I believe that the fashion industry should have a serious introspection about the images it projects to society; however, society should also question its part in the perpetuation of emaciation.



At October 20, 2009 at 6:22 PM , Anonymous Lesedi said...

Its all good and dandy to have a few brands which are doing right but the majority are full of talk. I appauld Versace for standing against anorexia but wasn't it Karl who said "Fashion is the best motivation to lose weight". Now, not everybody is as smart as Karl, you and I, they might take it to the extreme.

I agree with you on the introspection coz with the Ralph Lauren saga that is going on...there is alot of mixed messages that are being sent to the public.


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