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Zee Fashionista: 24.12.10 - Life is the film


24.12.10 - Life is the film

Ladies and gentlemen, on Friday, 24th December, comes the big reveal. Life Is The Film by guest editor Yves Paris.

You know, fashion, this fashion business that we all love is not just about the clothes. I mean, you don't create and sustain a multi-billion dollar industry based solely on clothes.

It's the lifestyle. How fashion permeates every sphere of life...

We breathe fashion. We're moved by it, inspired by it and we seek to be the pioneers of a brand of life where people celebrate their aesthetic tastes.

You wanna wear old school cat-eye sunglasses? Go ahead. You wanna constantly have your shirt tucked in and wear boat shoes even though you're not planning on going near a boat any time soon? Go right ahead.

You wanna have posters of the Louvre and clippings of Van Gogh works as inspiration. You wanna read French Vogue even though you don't speak a word of French. You wanna try foie gras, ceviche and coq au vin etc etc, just because they sound good. You know, fashionable. Go ahead. Do it. Live it.

Life Is The Film.

Until 24.12.10 then.

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