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Zee Fashionista: 'Land of the stupid, home of the brave'


'Land of the stupid, home of the brave'

Diesel is a brand that always has a killer ad campaign. The 'Be Stupid' campaign they had a season ago was pure genius and it definitely made me want to buy some Diesel jeans pronto. The care-free, rebellion nature of the brand is something which I think attracts so many young customers to the Diesel brand and the Diesel lifestyle.

This Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Diesel ad campaign is another campaign that I think the masses will love. Who wouldn't want to be on the super hot 'Diesel Island' in some sexy Diesel jeans, without a care in the world? I absolutely love the boldness of Diesel and yes, I would go any day to the 'Land of the stupid, (and the) home of the brave'. J'adore.



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