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Zee Fashionista: The Mutombo


The Mutombo

Man, I have been scarce, haven't I?

Well I'll have to blame the Master's for that, the endless presentations I've given, oh and the lovely trip I recently took to Chicago for (haha, yes, that Master's again) a Philosophy conference.

Of course I got some major shopping done in the Chi and I did visit my second heaven (aka RSVP Gallery over at Damen Avenue). A place I also visited is the Adidas Originals store over on North Michigan Avenue. Now I mention this store because it pains me to think that the pair of Adidas Mutombo's I tried on just last week are now sold out. 

Now it's the 20th anniversary of the Mutombo and at just $105, the black/purple African-inspired sneakers were a total steal. If it wasn't for Standard Bank acting up, man I could've owned these.

Tear. Tear. I hear some people don't actually like these and refer to them as "ugly". Ah, the people, so hard to please. You likey?

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