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Zee Fashionista: KWV Dinner in the Sky


KWV Dinner in the Sky


So on Saturday I went to the KWV Dinner in the Sky at Silverstar Casino with a couple of other Joburg bloggers and journalists. Now, I'm super scared of heights, so when I was told we would literally be having a feast and wine 100 feet in the sky, I was like, okay, why not? 

It turned out to be a lovely evening, with some amazing people, good food and lots of  KWV wine, champagne and cocktails.

Yes, that is the crane that lifted us 100 feet in the sky.

Yikes: The amazing Beth Shirley of The Sunday Independent.

Mokgadi Seabi of City Press
It's Autumn here in South Africa, so we were told to dress warmly, but you know me - come rain, shine, or gale force winds - I will wear my 6 inch heels (and I got to wear my new camel coat *happy days*). Style, like beauty, knows no pain. Surprisingly, I didn't get as cold up there as I thought I would, thanks to the blankets they gave us (and the wine, of course!). After our little soiree in the sky, we went to the Fashion TV Cafe at Silverstar for yet more wine, cocktails and food, naturally. 
I loved this super tasty kiwi and litchi cocktail cocktail made with KWV

Fashion blogger Milisuthando Bongela making her very own cocktail.
 We had the whole upstairs section of the FTV Cafe to ourselves, as well personal cocktail makers and we could even make our own cocktails. I really enjoyed the hot, spiced wine cocktail - I guarantee that it will be my staple dinner drink for the upcoming Winter months.

The spiced red wine cocktail with the cinnamon stick was incredible!
I had an awesome time with some really fashionable people. Thanks to Cat Drowley for inviting me and to KWV for the fun evening.

P.S. The KWV Merlot I got in the goodie bag is now finished, along with all the cinnamin sticks we had in the house. Blame it on the aaaaaalcohol.

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