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Zee Fashionista: Save our soles


Save our soles

I have this penchant for incredibly high heels. For me, the higher the better really. While I concede that not all women love super high heels, we all do love to wear some platforms now and then.

The situation

Now this right here is a situation.

You know the feeling... those heels elongate your legs and seem to be the missing piece in all of your carefully-thought-out ensembles. So you go on your merry way, donning those gorgeous heels, and then it hits you - THE PAIN.

 The thing about sore feet is that the pain doesn't just ebb and flow. It lingers. It's like, there’s some unwritten code among shoe designers that the most stunning shoes must be as uncomfortable as humanly possible.

As the saying goes, beauty knows no pain. You know for sure that by morning, blisters will come, aplenty. I've even known girls to walk home barefoot because they simply could take the pain no more.

I will survive

But, no matter how unbearable the pain was, I would refuse to take my heels off until I was at home - even though I would feel like I'd been running miles for five hours straight (while wearing 6 inch heels!).

That is until now though. I recently discovered the lovely  KIWI® Smiling Feet™ products that are mini, clear gel cushions developed to keep our feet smiling.

Last Friday I had a crazy night out with gals (6 inch heels in tow) and guess what? No throbbing feet pain. Yes, none. Not even a little burning or blisters. The balls of my feet always tended to be my problem area, so I gave KIWI® Smiling Feet™ Ball-of-Foot Cushion gel insert a try and I was pretty comfortable dancing up a storm the whole night.

No to pain

I think the great thing about fashion these days is that we can look chic but minimise the pain. I mean, if models have to walk in heels all day and they struggle, what about the rest of us? I wasn't always sure about heel cushions because I have tried some in the past that somehow seemed to maximise the pain (like I needed any more of it!).

What's great about this Kiwi product is that besides the fact that it actually works, it's also quite inexpensive too - it retails for R24,99 at most Checkers or Pick 'n Pay in South Africa. The whole range of these Kiwi products contains:  the ball of foot cushion, heel cushions, heel liners, between the toe liners, anti slip pads and gel inner soles, that work for both closed and open shoes, with socks or stockings, or sans.

Great. This gives me even more reason to wear my heels all day...

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At June 7, 2011 at 11:56 AM , Blogger Gina said...

I want! I want! I want!

At June 14, 2011 at 6:20 PM , Blogger Nelz said...

when im out clubbing im usually in heels...and after a while of walking and dancing in heels..my feet are usuallly on fire,...it hurts, it burns and i have to retire from dancing and sit..so if i have me so of the Kiwi Smiling feet products, my feet will proctected and my heels will be more comforfy so il get to be on the dance floor for longer without having to worry about talking off my shoes or banonions!!!! (nelzanhlabathi@gmail.com)

At February 27, 2013 at 8:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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