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Zee Fashionista: If you don't like it, swap it


If you don't like it, swap it

Shopping is one of my favourite past-times, but sometimes, I'll buy something that I love at first glance (say, a hat or super high heels), but when I get home, all I can do is think - what was I thinking? Or, you know that awkward moment when someone gives you a gift and while you graciously accept it, in your mind you're thinking - ok, what in the world am I going to do with this?

Naturally, I have quite a few quality items lying around that I never wear or never use.

So that's why I am really excited about this brilliant Swapping Mall that Capitec Bank is having from 30-31 July in Johannesburg, in the spirit of National Savings month. You get to bring all the good quality stuff you no longer want and you can swap it for good quality stuff someone else no longer wants. I get to save my money (for future shopping) and not spend it. Alleluyah!

I've already gotten into the swapping thing of things as part of the Live Free Project. Last week, I received this pretty flower brooch from a fellow blogger, that I swapped with a small jewllery box I received as a gift.

What's also really cool about this concept is that the item came with a tag which explains the story behind the item from the previous owner. I've always loved brooches, so I think I'll use this brooch pretty often.

The tag read: Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
I didn't know how to wear this
So I gave it to you!
So if you too would love to get your swap on at Capitec Bank's Swapping Mall, visit Capitec Bank's Facebook page for a floor plan of the mall and how it all works, and check out some more details about it below. I'll definitely be there!



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