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Zee Fashionista: The Dirty All Star Bash


The Dirty All Star Bash


Converse All Stars. You've gotta love them. They're a staple in models' wardrobes, and just about anybody really. Their versatility means that people with all kinds of style can wear them, and we've even seen Chuck Taylors peeping from beneath a star's red carpet look on occasion.

That's why I'm excited about attending The Dirty All Star Bash this Saturday. It mixes two of my favourite things - hip hop and the legendary Converse All Stars. Organised by Brown Bottle Entertainment and hip hop artists GP Gangsta, the Dirty All Star bash is a concert aimed at celebrating South African born and bred hip hop and kwaito artists, DJs, and All Stars themselves. The concert aims to gather as many people as possible, in one place, wearing All Stars in a celebration of the music of those whose lifestyle is shaped around the sneakers' rich history.

So if you're Joburg (Soweto) this weekend, and you're a lover of music and All Stars, and you have R40 to spare for the ticket at the door, be sure to attend the concert. You'll find the details of all the artists who'll be performing below. You know me now, I'll be there!



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