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Zee Fashionista: The Philosophy of Style #5


The Philosophy of Style #5

Style is one of those things in life that cannot be bought. It cannot be forced. It is one of those things that simply shows itself.

Yves Saint Laurent famously said that, "Fashion fades, style is eternal." Style is not about following fleeting fads and trends, and possessing all the latest designer clothes. Style is timeless. It is unique to the individual. It is about self-expression, history, culture, innovation, self-esteem...

Fashionistas will not bend to fashion rules set out by fashion editors tucked away in their ivory towers.

They know what they want.

They are no longer buying into the "emperors' new clothes" doctrine; "just trust the experts and wear it whether you like it or not" philosophy. They want real clothes, and they want their attire to reflect their beliefs without having to utter a word. They want their garments to live in synchronicity with their core values.

I bring you the Philosophy of Style series of posts, detailing selected fashionistas' ideas on style.


If style truly is a reflection of oneself, then 21-year-old Dan Kalombo Ludovic Ntumba sure must have a glowing personality. There's no doubting his incredible style as attested to by his recent scoop of the first runner up award in the Face of Markham 2011 competition.  As a BComm Accouting student at the University of Johannesburg, Dan's aspirations of conqering the business world herald a new breed of young men who are not only strive for career success, but sartorial elegance as well. Here's the philosophy behind Dan's style:

Zee Fashionista: How would you describe yourself in a paragraph?

Dan Ntumba: I am a passionate person who gives of his best in every endeavour. I am a style enthusiast and always try to look my best at all times. I strive for excellence in all spheres of life. I enjoy good food and great company.

ZF: Where did you grow up and how would describe how you were as a youth?

DN: I was born in the DRC and moved to South Africa when I was 4 years of age. I am led to believe (although I have my doubts) that I was a cry baby. My youth was exceptionally fun. I shared many laughs with my older siblings and childhood friends. I was highly adventurous and took part in many pranks in my day…

ZF: Is there something about yourself that people might not readily know?

DN: I am fluent in French. I'm one of four siblings, and I am the first runner up of Face of Markham 2011.

ZF: What do you think style is?

DN: Style is more than just the clothes on your back. It is the manner in which you represent yourself. Style refers to the way in which you personalise your clothes to make them unique to you.

ZF: Who/What influences your style?

DN: I find inspiration from various people, I can be inspired by the common man walking down the street who has taken the effort to look beyond common.

ZF: How does your style reflect your dreams/Goals/Lifestyle?

DN: I am an urban gentleman who has great ambition, and my style depicts this. I am a sophisticated person and wish to one day be in the fore-front of business in the world. I wish to one day own a fashion house where I will be free to express my views on style and fashion.

(please click on the image)

ZF: What do you think is the importance of prevailing style vs. just following trends?

DN: Fashion trends fade with the seasons whilst style is eternal. I feel that anyone is capable of copying an outfit from a mannequin; however, it takes a stylish person to create a work of art from their own creativity.

ZF: What are the top 5 items in your wardrobe?

DN: My blazers (I count them ALL as 1 item); my straight-cut pants; my polka-dot skinny tie; my chocolate brown loafers; and my fitted-leather gloves.

ZF: What is your winter style advice for men and women alike?

DN: Women - gone are the days that blazers are strictly for men. A well-tailored blazer is an essential. Furthermore, accessories - and don’t be afraid to experiment with different layers and textures. Men - trench coats are a must for winter. A man MUST have a blazer at his disposal. Lastly, don’t be afraid to play with various patterns. Oh and one more thing… Please lose the big sneakers. It’s just not cool.

We concur, right?

(All photographs by Yves Paris of AFTERDEF Museum)

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At June 1, 2012 at 2:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen him around UJ a couple of times. He has got a great dress sense! Whoop! Whoop! to Dan!

At August 15, 2013 at 12:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always see him around campus and his just always in point...whew too nice


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