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Zee Fashionista: My Smirnoff premix braai


My Smirnoff premix braai

When I was offered the chance to host a pre-drinks party celebrating Smirnoff's mixed and boxed Vodka & Cranberry and Vodka & Ruby Orange combinations, I jumped at the opportunity - naturally. Not only did I get the chance to host a lovely braai (aka barbecue) for my friends this past Sunday, but I also had a couple of perfectly mixed drinks all done for me in the form of the Smirnoff premix boxes. Oh yeah, and the boxes came with a cooler box, a box of glasses, a beautiful sun hat, and the cutest heart-shaped ice cube tray.

Ah, yes, the joy. My friends do love me right now.

And so we raided my aunt's house, and all that was left for me to do was to (wo)man the camera, and get some trusty helpers in the kitchen and the braai stand (my aunt's friends), while we enjoyed the glorious food and oh-so-lovely drinks.

Here we go...
In life, you must always see the glass as full. Very full, long, iced. With a touch of mint.

Whoever finished these brownies (that I never got to taste!) should own up now.

And in the end that's what I had. An empty glass.

There's just something about that Smirnoff Vodka & Ruby Orange premix that just keeps you coming back. And back. And back.

Thank you 1) to the weather for behaving; and 2)  to Smirnoff for the awesome opportunity. My friends and I (aka, Vodka & 'whatever' aficionados) can attest to the fact that the Smirniff premixes (which retail for R54.90 per 1.5l box here in SA) are perfect for any Summer party!



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