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Zee Fashionista: Join the Cult


Join the Cult

CULT COLLECTIVE. Remember that name.

This Johannesburg based t-shirt brand and its energy has been etched my mind ever since I attended their launch event last month. Formed in 2011 by Miroslav Bijelich and William Ndatila, CULT COLLECTIVE is not your average t-shirt brand that sticks to trends, panders to the masses, and in general, sticks with the normal fashion script. No. CULT COLLECTIVE is about experimenting with fashion as an art form. It is about taking decades of iconography, and freely spunking and funkying it up in whatever way they please. What CULT COLLECTIVE treads is a thin line between sacrilege and homage.

And why just the humble t-shirt to tap into the conversations we the #Hashtag generation are having, to express the zeitgeist? "We felt that t-shirts were a simple but appropriate canvas to make a statement," the designer pair say. "T-shirts are everyday items that can sum up your whole look. They provide a simple platform to create a statement with a lasting impression as one braves the day."

If you too are a lover of psychedelic clothing like am, for general inquiries, contact the brand at info@cultcollectiveapparel.com. I'm definitely joining the cult.

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