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Zee Fashionista: Puma - bringing you nothing but good things since forever ever


Puma - bringing you nothing but good things since forever ever

Introducing The... 

Mmhmm. Yeah. These are my very own, custom pair of kicks that I got to design at the PUMA Braamfontein store in Johannesburg, thanks to the Creative Factory suitcase. Yves suggested I called them the Zeezus - you know, Yeezi, Yeezus, Zeezus, nice ring to it, ne... ok, ok, I kid, I kid.

The Creative Factory Suitcase in question.

But on the real, PUMA has really been bringing us nothing but good things and the Creative Factory Suitcase is a case in point. You see what this suitcase allows you to do is create your own PUMA Basket or First Round style sneaker by choosing from a range of different fabrics and materials. From R999 for the PUMA Basket and R1199 for the First Round, and with a 5 to 10 week wait for manufacturing and greatness, you too can design this kind of greatness (*cue The Throne's 'HAM'*).

Another good thing PUMA's been giving us is good times every Friday at the PUMA Social Jozi at 81 de Korte Street in Braamfontein. Now y'all see the line-up for this Friday's edition - AKA, AKA, Speedsta, Matt Suttner, AKA, AKA, AK... Ah, not to be missed.

Will I be there? Yeah! Should you be there? C'mon, take a look at the pics below and tell me you don't want a taste of that greatness. The real question is, should I wear the Zeezus out?

(Picture credit: PUMA)

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At August 13, 2013 at 5:22 PM , Blogger Sindie Noqayi said...

Oh honey! They rock.

At August 14, 2013 at 11:52 AM , Blogger Zinhle Zee Mncube said...

Thanks Sindie :)


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