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Zee Fashionista: Women



She may be the photo I chose to lead with but no, this is not a post about Miley Cyrus (twerk, Miley, Miley, twerk... no? Overdone? But I had too... Ok. Ok). And all these photographs were taken by controversial (scandalous) photographer Terry Richardson who's been called 'The World's Most F--ked Fashion Photographer' and who's managed to get Alice Ehrenfield to launch a petition on Change.org calling major brands and magazines to stop condoning his 'pornographic' work by using him. Alas, this post is not about him either. Although as a side bar, I've always liked his work. It has been pretty monotonous over the years, but I still like it. The man on the hand - I don't know.

What this post is about however, is my latest like - women. Maybe I've been trawling Tumblr too much but there is just something about these beautiful women on these Tumblr blogs that has got me hooked. And it's actually those shots that the philosopher and journalism graduate in me knows would pass of as textbook cases of the objectification of women that I like the most. But I see these women as subjects.

There's something that I find quite beautiful about these women. There's a certain power in the way they are over-sexed. I think it's the same thing I like about Rihanna - you wanna put her in the sex object box, but she knows it, so she goes super OTT on the sexiness, serves it to you confident as ever, with a cool  'What now?' as a condiment.

Ah, I love that!



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