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Zee Fashionista: PUMA got us Social in Jozi


PUMA got us Social in Jozi

In case you didn't already know, the PUMA Social Club in Jozi is the place to be on Friday.  If you don't believe me, just cruise past 81 De Korte Street in Braamfontein anytime from 9pm to 2am on a Friday night and what you'll see is a super long line, about 6 people wide, snaking around the corner of people itching to get in to the PUMA Social Club. Oh, and as I witnessed myself last Friday, they aren't deterred by the rain. No sir. What's a little 3 hour shower gonna do to spoil your fun of live music and chilled company?
As you'll remember, last week I ran a competition for tickets to the Club on the 22nd where the winners would get free entrance into the Club, drinks, and of course heap loads of fun on the night with table tennis, foosball matches and and and. And child, with two bars at the Club, you can just imagine that the and 'and and had' a lot to do with frozen magarita's (*open cough* drinks specials from 5pm to 9pm *clos* cough*) and incessant jumping to the cool sounds of male band, the Muffinz.
My winners, my buddies, and I got to Club around 7pm so I really got to enjoy the full experience of the Club. If you ask me, PUMA have definitely got a winner with this one because what I see every single week is exponential growth of the Club with even more people tryna get Social with PUMA.
So as you view the next set of pictures, ladies and gentlemen, kindly let the soundtrack of Kendrick Lamar's 'Swimming Pools' play in your head:
That's me. BOY London. Babatunde, I had to!

For some fun on the 30th this Friday, head to Club, and register here to get in for free. I would like to say, that I don't where those girls got that wooden object in that picture...



At December 2, 2012 at 11:41 PM , Blogger Ms.E said...

PARTY!!:) COOl and stylish people. Good POST!



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