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Zee Fashionista: Pop artin it


Pop artin it


Ever since my acqusition of a Samsung SIII and my resultant foray into the world of Instagram, I have developed a serious liking for taking pictures of stuff. Now as I've quickly realised, Instagram is about prettifying, so of course, I too downloaded a crazy number photo apps to, y'know, prettify stuff.

I was particularly drawn by apps that have pop art filters (case in point - these pictures). In fact, I remember watching an episode of 'Work of Art' and I was entirely entralled by the different artists' representations of pop art. This got me thinking about pop art. What is it? As with so many things nowadays, we know what they are, but we may not exactly why they are what they are - at least, my knowledge of the history of pop art was sketchy to say the least.

Now pop art takes as its imagery aspects of mass culture - comic strips, advertising and magazine covers, amongst others. One image of pop art that I do have imbedded in my head is Andy Warhol's 1964 Campbell's Tomato Juice Box . There is something still intriguing about that affirmation of something as mundane as product labeling. In fact, the simple affirmation of something popular as art, is in and of itself so powerful.

How amazing would it be to see a return of South African pop art in clothing? Think of Yo-Landi from Die Antwoord's frock covered on Chappies wrappers in the 'Fatty Boom Boom' video. Imagine that at fashion week. Like a pair of high-waisted trousers covered in the 'Mayo' (yeah, that frozen yoghurt) logo? Or a Marianne Fassler like frock made entirely Simba chip packets? Or Two bop whilin out with some crazy pop art inspired 5 panels? Imagine!

Like, how 'bout that in 2013?



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