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Zee Fashionista: June 2012


I won't say much...

Pics via MyDamnBlog

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Ain't nuthin' bu' ♥

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Zee Fashionista Men's Street Style

Yves Paris captured these men braving the Johannesburg cold in some super stylish looks. Who says the cold is any reason to let your style wane?

The man behind the lens...

I love the print vibes going on. What's your favourite look?

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Is your resolve crumbling?

It’s usually around this time of year that – if they haven’t been broken already – resolutions are on the verge of being consigned to a file marked ‘ABJECT FAILURE’!

In many cases, it’s often due to the nature of the resolution itself, rather than any genuine lack of grit. We often set ourselves up for a fall with overblown ideas of what it is we need to resolve to do – or not do, as the case may be.

More often than not, the ultimate aim of our resolutions is to achieve greater personal happiness and contentment. In the pursuit of perfection, however, it’s easy to lose sight of that goal. So try to water down those aspirations, just a little.

Rather than vowing to scale Everest single-handedly, why not aim to simply get outside and walk more? And whilst you may want to decorate your entire home, for most of us this is just plain unrealistic. Why not try to break the project down into affordable and manageable mini-projects? If your resolve crumbles today, don’t panic. Tomorrow is another day for you to achieve your aspirations.

If you find yourself making and breaking the same resolutions time and time again, perhaps you need to dispense with them. This isn’t a case of conceding defeat, but rather one of renegotiating your route to happiness.

Many women, for example, want to lose that elusive half a stone, believing that the key to everlasting happiness can be found in this manner. Don’t let such misconceptions blind you to the prospect of achieving happiness. Making smaller, more achievable alterations to the way you live your life will boost your sense of contentment.

Many of the emotions associated with fruitless resolutions – such as guilt – are usually a waste of valuable time and energy. Such negative emotions serve no purpose when it comes to achieving happiness.

A recent discussion on Loose Women – which debated whether older women are jealous of younger women – served to heighten the fact that it is very often only with the benefit of age that many gain the perspective to rationalise the futility of such negative thinking.
There is much to be gleaned from the frequently used words of the renowned French writer Colette. She aptly said: “What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realised it sooner.” 



(Pics via Mode Junkie)