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Zee Fashionista: November 2013


Topshop everything at the WKND Social

On Saturday I attended the November edition of the WKND Social at MOAD (the Museum of African Design) at the Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg and what a fun event it was. It was made doubly fun by the fact that I sat at the Topshop table with the Topshop brand manager Lauren Avgitidis, the Topshop Marketing Manager, Cornelia Pieterse, the Busby House PR Manager, Kerrin Tessendorf, and some super fashionable Joburg bloggers Thithi Nteta of Teeteeiswithme, Irina Doman of I'll Take It All, and Jess Lupton of Gaschette Magazine, and we were all decked out in Topshop's finest pieces. Of course I wore all black everything (nevermind the heat!) - a quilted leather top I absolutely had to own, and that black vinyl pelmet skirt is it. Topshop is always right up in my list of places to get an outfit - I want everything there!

The Absolut vodka bottomless cocktails went down so well and the tacos totally reminded me of the States. Oh, and it was so awesome to be surrounded by the guys of I See A Different You's Native Nostalgia's exhibition (I mean, their 1975 Mercedes 280E (W114) is parked right in the middle of the gallery - how amazing?). Thank you to Topshop for the lovely afternoon!

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Danny Brown & Adidas Originals #UniteJoburg

Yo, so the super-cool Detroit rapper Danny Brown was in Johannesburg last Friday, and boy did he #UniteJoburg at the invite-only adidas Originals event at Walter Sisulu Square in Soweto. Now I was dip, I dip, you dippin to Danny's unique sounds (some off of my favourite, the 'Old' album), and some of Joburg's talents Kid Fondique, OkMalumKoolKat, Kat La Kat and Cueber, all in head-to-toe leather, mind you (ah, being trill is a tough job, I tell you. I kid, I kid).

Shout out to adidas South Africa for the amazing party, and how cool are these images by Paul Ward from the event?

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Win R15 000 cash with Dark and Lovely Amla Legend

Amla Legend is Dark and Lovely's newest product and with a 4-week guarantee that your hair will be stronger, better, and longer, it is definitely 'The Secret to Beautiful Hair'.

Here's what Dark and Lovely has done - they have 'hidden the secret' to winning R15 000 cash all over the internet. Now imagine what you can do with R15 000 cash? Ah, shopping spree!

Here how the Amla Secret Treasure Hunt goes:

A clue to winning the prize is posted daily on the Dark and Lovely South Africa Facebook page. The objective is to use the clues posted there to find the hidden entry form. What you must do is figure out on which website or blog the entry form is hidden on. Once you arrive at the right website or blog, you click on the advert, and voila, you will find the hidden entry form.

So what should your first step be? Click on the Dark and Lovely Amla Legend banner ad on the top right hand side of my blog, and let the Secret Treasure Hunt begin.

Who knows, one day the hidden entry form might just be on Zee Fashionista?

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I'm embarrassed.

I don't know what I've been doing with my life but that the fact that my clothing stash is not littered with GALXBOY gear is - you guessed it - embarrassing: 1) because the brand is so freakin' amazing; 2) the Summer 2013 has monochrome pieces that as a monochrome-lover I must absolutely own; 3) the man behind the brand is 23-year-old @vuittots and his creativity is mind-blowing; and and and...

I gotta get my fashion act back together. I want all of this GALXBOY gear! You love like I love?

Visit galxboy.com and get yo' online shop on.


M.I.A x Versus

M.I.A is like one of the coolest people ever, so you can just imagine how absolutely cool any clothing line that she can come up with would be. And she just had to choose Versus Versace to collaborate with - ah, just another amazingly epic brand that has been consistently churning out some of the - you guessed it - coolest collections ever.

By the looks of this promo video, the collection will have her favourites - gold, crazy logos, and that retro feel you just wanna have, man. Who would've thought the collection is based on knockoff Versace pieces she saw in London as a teenie? Poetic justice.

And she just released her new musical offering, Matangi, yesterday, so all things are about to be M.I.A again.

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Insta - what?!

Aye, follow the kid on Instagram - zeefashionista



She may be the photo I chose to lead with but no, this is not a post about Miley Cyrus (twerk, Miley, Miley, twerk... no? Overdone? But I had too... Ok. Ok). And all these photographs were taken by controversial (scandalous) photographer Terry Richardson who's been called 'The World's Most F--ked Fashion Photographer' and who's managed to get Alice Ehrenfield to launch a petition on Change.org calling major brands and magazines to stop condoning his 'pornographic' work by using him. Alas, this post is not about him either. Although as a side bar, I've always liked his work. It has been pretty monotonous over the years, but I still like it. The man on the hand - I don't know.

What this post is about however, is my latest like - women. Maybe I've been trawling Tumblr too much but there is just something about these beautiful women on these Tumblr blogs that has got me hooked. And it's actually those shots that the philosopher and journalism graduate in me knows would pass of as textbook cases of the objectification of women that I like the most. But I see these women as subjects.

There's something that I find quite beautiful about these women. There's a certain power in the way they are over-sexed. I think it's the same thing I like about Rihanna - you wanna put her in the sex object box, but she knows it, so she goes super OTT on the sexiness, serves it to you confident as ever, with a cool  'What now?' as a condiment.

Ah, I love that!