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Zee Fashionista: June 2011


This is what I call style

These men in Italy for the Pitti Uomo dress so, so well. I am currently dying over their style. OMG.
(Images via Street FSN)


The Philosophy of Style #1

Style is one of those things in life that cannot be bought. It cannot be forced. It is one if those things that simply shows itself.

Yves Saint Laurent famously said that, "Fashion fades, style is eternal." Style is not about following fleeting fads and trends, and possessing all the latest designer clothes. Style is timeless. It is unique to the individual. It is about self-expression, history, culture, innovation, self-esteem...

 Fashionistas will not bend to fashion rules set out by fashion editors tucked away in their ivory towers. 

They know what they want.

They are no longer buying into the "emperors' new clothes" doctrine; "just trust the experts and wear it whether you like it or not" philosophy. They want real clothes, and they want their attire to reflect their beliefs without having to utter a word. They want their garments to live in synchronicity with their core values.

I bring you the Philosophy of Style series of posts, detailing selcted fashionistas' ideas on style.

It is not often that you meet an incredibly beautiful and stylish model and art gallery intern, who just also happens to speak English, Ndebele, Spanish, French and is currently learning Russian.

               In 23-year-old London resident, Natasha Ndlovu, of Snow Black Blog, you find just that.

Zee Fashionista: How would you describe yourself in a paragraph?

Natasha Ndlovu: I am a multi-tasker by nature. I speak several languages, I do photography as well as being a model. I also love fashion and would like to learn more about it and get more involved in the industry. I also travel often and would like a job in the future that involves living between two cities.

ZF: Where did you grow up and how would describe how you were as a youth?

NN: I was born in Zimbabwe and at the age of 10 I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. I was and still am quite shy as a person. I wish I could be more vocal but of course not over the top. I was never into fashion when I was younger. My life revolved around books and studying, but now I am more into visual material, design, etc.

ZF: Is there something about yourself that people might not readily know?

NN: I don't think there is anything interesting that people may not know. I have, however, lived by myself halfway across the world since I was 18. Most people live in the same country or continent as their family, but not me. I do visit my family, though it's an 11 hour flight from London !

ZF: What do you think style is?

NN: Style is a trademark or signature look people recognise you in. Whether it's certain colours you wear or material (leather for example). It's also the confidence to wear something and not let it wear you. Someone can have all the money in the world to buy expensive clothes, but does not mean they have style.

ZF: Who/What influences your style?

NN: Blogs, models and fashion industry people like Shala Monroque and the Olsen twins. I love polyvore.com because you can find a trend or item of clothing and see how other people style it.

ZF: How does your style reflect your dreams/goals/lifestyle?

NN: Right now my style says “One foot in Selfridges, yet the other is still stuck in Topshop”! In a sarcastic manner of course, that is. I love beautiful things, well tailored, good quality clothes and I want to live a visually luxurious life. I love a beautiful apartment, a neat closet, structure, etc, so as a person, I aim to be like that. I hope the job I get in the future allows me to enjoy what I do and not just do it because I have to.

I so want Natasha's lovely Miu Miu wedges

ZF: What do you think is the importance of prevailing style vs. just following trends?

NN: If you just follow trends, then you are a sheep amongst sheep. No one will recognise you and everything you do will be predictable. This is why I avoid buying certain basic items from particular stores because everyone will be wearing it. I want to wear something that people will stop me on the street to ask about, not a brand you can guess from afar. You have to be true to yourself and the way you want to dress, no matter what others may say or the looks you may get, unless of course you are Lady Gaga, then that's another topic.

ZF: What are the top 5 items in your wardrobe?

NN: Topshop leather jacket, Urban Outfitters shorts, Whistles blouse, Miu Miu wedges and Acne maxi dress.

ZF: What is your winter style advice for men and women alike?

NN: Lots of layering and have at least one bright color that pops out if you are wearing head to toe black. I love a touch of gold jewelry when wearing all black.

The Acne maxi dress in question.
Natasha's Whistles blouse has such an incredible colour!

Her super short Urban Outfitters Shorts.

Visit Natasha's Snow Black Blog / bloglovin' / facebook / twitter / youtube

(All images courtesy of Snow Black Blog)

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70s revival

Just looking at this How to Spend It Magazine editorial, featuring models Barbara de Creddo and Tsanna  as 70s revivalists, makes me wish I was born in the 70s so that I could really have experienced the ultra-glam style of the time.

Stylist Damian Foxe makes all the perfect style choices, with bright pieces from the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin (yay!) and others. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing 70s inspired collections.

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Resort 2012 picks



Michael Kors 

Diane Von Furstenburg



Beyonce is covering magazines left and right and this time, she looks even more beautiful on the cover of  Dazed & Confused July 2011 by Sharif Hamza.

 Vogue Italia is known for breaking new ground, and its June 2011 edition does just that as it stars full figured models Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine & Robyn Lawley on its cover photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by Edward Enningful.


Illustrate this

These illustrations are incredible. Wow. They are so intense, yet so beautiful at the same time. I wish I could draw like this.


In the eye of the beholder

I am currently in immense love with American designer Thom Browne's Autumn 2011 Eyewear range. Not only does his sunglasses range have a "vintage-meets-modern-meets-utilitarian" feel, but they are also unisex!

I think that it is so cool that he drew inspiration for the various styles from master architects, politicians, studio artists, industrial designers and professors of the 40s, 50s and 60s. The sunglasses don't come cheap though, selling between US$450 and US$1,000. But then again, quality is expensive right?




Winter looks I love

Are you ready to get the look?


Death by - Chrissy Loubs!

Like, honestly. Look at those his and her's Christian Louboutin's. Christian Louboutin Rollerbal Loafers and Over-The-Knee Boots to be exact. Ah, death.